P/M: black/death/doom metal+neofolk/martial/ambient povoljno

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P/M: black/death/doom metal+neofolk/martial/ambient povoljno

Postby Khaos[mindfuck] » Sat Jan 26, 2019 19:59

Prodajem dio kolekcije buduci da mi ne stane sve u novi stan, zamjena dolazi u obzir (bilo koji zanr) makar sumnjam da imate nes sta me zanima :mrgreen:
ako ste van rijeke, saljem tiskom; u tom slucaju postarina je 20kn
cdi na dnu su besplatni i poklanjam ako cete kupit neki drugi cd
ako vas zanima tocno koje je izdanje slobodno pitajte, svi cdi su u odlicnom stanju.
kontakt moze i preko vibera 91 / 2 2 3 8 5 6 7

Dusk - pray for death (limited)

Arghoslent - Incorrigible Bigotry
Celestia - apparitia
forgotten tomb - love's burial ground
grima morstua - illustratio per horribilem
Isolation - s*t
koldbrann - moribund
lux occulta - forever alone immortal
nachtmystium - instinct decay
neige&noirceur - l'abime...
Pungent stench - masters of moral (rezervirano)
red harvest - a greater darkness
the wounded kings - embrace of the narrow house
toil - lullabies for insects
tsjuder - demonic possession
wolveserpent - gathering strenghts

animus - poems...
aphotic - stilness grows
apotheosis - farthest from the sun
Asunder - works will come undone
avichi - the divine tragedy
Blacklodge - solarkult
caina - mourner
Caïna - Some People Fall
chainerdog - journey to the omega
chaos moon - languor...
chaos moon - origin of apparition
crimson moon - the choice of spirit
Crystalium - diktat omega
cyt - configuration of a yearned twilight
dagon - in desolationem
dagon - they who abideth amidst the poison
darvulia - l'alliance des venins
darvulia - l'ombre malicieuse
Egonoir - der pfad zum fluss
eyes of ligeia - a fever....
Fear factory - concrete
frost - s/t
frost - talking to god
Ghremdrakk - je m+exalte
Grabnebelfursten - dynastie
Grauen pestanz / miasma - into the fire of isolation
Haemoth - kontamination
haemoth - vice suffering and destruction
Hills of Sefiroth - The Neglected Ancestry
hoarstone - s/t
humanfly - II
hyatari - the light carriers
ibex throne -
IC Rex - Valonkantajan Alkemia
Imindain - and the living shall envy the dead
isolation - striding on the path of nihil
krisiun - conquerors of armageddon(rezervirano)
kylesa - statit tensions
lutomysl - i'mquintessence
malignant eternal - far beneath the sun
malveillance - just fuck off
mar de grises - draining the waterheart
nahash - nocticula hecate
non opus dei - vi
nox inferi - adverse spheres
Obscure Anachronism - Transcending Mundane Obstacles
ofermod - mysterion tes anomias
ordo tyrannis - vasa iniquitatis
orthodox - gran poder
pentagram - first daze here too
Pentagram Chile - pentagram
phragments - earth shall cover their blood
prevalent resistance - dynamics of creation
primigenium - act of war
rev. Kriss hades - the winds of orion pyramids of war
skepticism - aes
switchblade - s/t
tenhornedbeast - the sacred truth
the end 666 - terror inside
the end 666 - the ultra violence
the firstborn - the uncleanching of fists
thralldom - a shaman steering...
thralldom - black sun resistance
Todesstoss - selbstentleibung
toil - obscure chasms
Velnias - sovereign nocturnal
vhernen - syberia
vortex of end - isapwt
vortex of end -fanatik spirtiual devotion
warloghe - womb of pestilence
wrath of the weark - alogon
Yaotl mictlan - guerreros de la tierra de los muertos
year of no light - nord

Alien deviant circus - satanic djihad
Animus - hallucinations
centrifuge - desolate
devilish era - the deiphobic syndrome
drasuts - taphos
fear factory - resurrection
Ghast / yoga - split
gog - noriah mills
hurusoma - sombre iconoclasm
johan wolfgang pozoj - birth of pozoj(rezervirano)
kafan - injecting evil in thy veins
morte - irresponsible misanthropic existene
mysanthropic painforest - winds saturate
naglfar - ex inferis (rezervirano)
necroplasma - my hearse (rezervirano)
noism - +-
primigenium - all your tears will be ours
procer veneficus - of starfire...
rakoth - tiny deaths
rigor sardonicous - principia sardonica
sleeping village - mourning persists (rezervirano)
striborg - nefaria / a tragic... (rezervirano)
us christmas - the valley
venom - at war with satan(rezervirano)
warlust / pesits

ambient/martial/neofolk i ostalo:
arditi - toroidh - united in blood
current 93 - soft black stars
Der Blutharsch ‎– Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil!
father murphy - anyway your childer (potpisan)
k11 - voices from thelema
Mrtyu! - Blood Tantra (Rituels De Sang Du Culte De Tantra)
red sparowes - at the soundless dawn
sleeping pictures - many hands should throw stones
tony wakeford - into the woods
triarii - ars militaria
triarii - muse in arms
werkraum - early love music (potpisan)
werkraum - unsere feuer brennen!
werkraum- kristalle (potpisan)

a minority of one - bathe in fiery answer
alex tiuniaev - i knew her
black boned angel - bliss and void inseparable
bosse - echoes of the forgotten
emit - abortions
keiji haino - affection
lockwel - all the power
murderous vision - the times without gods
nde - krieg blut ehre asche
othala - nar alting er glemt
sect - great desired utopia
sturm - le prix du sang...
Toroidh - The Final Testament
vomit orchestra - antecrux
vomit orchestra - bridges burnt
vomit orchestra - macabre paradigm

Agnivolok - cherries
agnivolok - sculptor
atum / roto visage - syndrom cotarda
black vomit - jungle death
bleiburg - pieces of a broken dream
control - the cleansing
davenport - free country
mammal - double nature
objekt4 - her face among the shadows
objekt4 - mindscars
sophia - sigillum militum (samo cd, booklet i inlay su printani)
tereth - curses veiled as voices
The red king - vitroleum

aidan baker - noise of silence
aidan baker vs dd6
campbell kneale - pink stalingrad
colossus - worshipper
d.harlan wilson / kenji siratori - beneath a pink sun
hellgoat / legions of astaroth
kenji siratori - chaos impregnation
kenji siratori - dark transmission
kenji siratori - kill all machines
natasha marin vs kenji siratori
onirik - spectre
Overhaul in damnation / kenji siratori - holocaust of torture
rusty axe - under the axe vol4
the world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind
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