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Postby Leatherface » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:20

Vader: Before the age of chaos live cd+dvd- 60kn
Kataklysm: sorcery/mystical gate- 80kn
Kataklysm: temple of knowledge- 100kn
Master: On the 7th day...- 50kn
crowbar: equilibrium/ odd fellows rest- 40kn
crowbar: sonic excess in it's purest form- 40kn
crowbar: lifesblood for the downtrodden- 40kn
crowbar:symmetry in black- 40kn
crowbar: sever the wicked hand- 40kn
Body Count:''Body Count''- 40kn
Body Count:''Born Dead''- 40kn
Discharge: End of Days- 50kn
Falkenbach: ...en their medh riki fara...- 60kn
Gorgoroth: Under the sign of Hell- 70kn
Mgla: Exercises in futility- 70kn
Therion: Lepaca Kliffoth- 70kn
Rhapsody: Tales from the emerald sword saga- 40kn
Y. Malmsteen: Trilogy- 40kn
Y. Malmsteen: Marching out- 40kn
Vital remains: Dechristinize- 50kn
MDC: Millions of dead cops- 40kn
Bad Brain: Rock for Light- 40kn
Bad brains: Bad Brains- 40kn

Immortal/ rotting christ/ blaspemy- fuck christ tour '93- 100kn

Ramones: Road to Ruin- 80kn
GNR- Appetite for destruction (dvostruka)- 120kn
GNR- Use your illusion I (dvostruka)- 120kn
GNR- Use your illusion II (dvostruka)- 120kn

(svi LPevi su potpuno novi, nikada slušani, zapakirani)
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