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Position Parallele

Postby Bombenhagel » Mon Aug 17, 2009 21:42

Zasada samo jedan istoimeni album, al svakak vrijedan vašeg slušanja. NIsam ih slušao pun kurac i sada pronađem album na nekom CD-u. Mislim da je album izašao davne 2007 negdje :)


Genre: Synth Pop / Minimalistic

Position Parallèle is a side project of Geoffroy D. and Pierre Pi. Those who dont know the first man might recognize his voice: Geoffroy D. is the poet behind Dernière Volonté. The second is active within industrial electronic music as Communication Zero, an interesting project.

We can wonder whether this side project is close to Dernière Volonté or not. A listening is enough to convince those who know the military pop band that the comparision is just unavoidable. But, Position Parallèle is also clearly different on several points†: it isn’t martial or neofolk at all. It’s close from synth pop and sounds quite 80ies, although Geoffroy’s voice and way to sing are unchanged. At least for those who like it, the voice, the riming and poetic texts that made Dernière Volonté’s fame remain a strong advantage of Position Parallèle.

Compared to Dernière Volonté, the themes also have changed: it deals with sulphurous urban sexuality, mainly. The lyrics, totally in French, are sometimes funny, such as those on the second track where prostitution flirts with WWII references. Provocative? Certainly not an innocent coincidence knowing Dernière Volonté...
A ovo je sada za sve koji su dobili sjekirom po glavi:


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