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Unter Null

Postby Aeoliah Centaurus » Sun Feb 04, 2007 19:02

So ...

... anyone there ? 'Ello ? 'Ello ? ... ! O.o ...

Nema nikog. Ja jedini fan. :roll:
"Stvarnost je halucinacija. Istina je halucinacija. Smisao je halucinogena tvar koja ispunjava divnu pustinju lažnim prikazama."

Jean Baudrilliard
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Aeoliah Centaurus
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Postby Sex Gang Child » Sun Feb 04, 2007 19:50

I don't think so :wink:

The Failure Epiphany mi je najdraže izdanje, iako ni Sick Fuck i Neocide nisu za bacit.
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Sex Gang Child
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Postby G3n7r0 » Sun Feb 04, 2007 20:18

Imam samo 3 stvari (zombieboy, destroy me i naravno sick fuck, sve jako dobre ;)), cekam vec 2 mjeseca da mi frend donese par albuma..
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Postby acid » Mon Feb 05, 2007 13:24

joj joj joj
unter null
rooookaj :wink:
np: stray - intoxicate.mp3
sve njene off-side projekte isto slusham
predobra je
(u svakom smislu :lol: )
Under a serpent sun... :zivili:

i da...pa ne mosh dijete nazvat rufus...
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Postby Aeoliah Centaurus » Sat Mar 24, 2007 17:43

No more blood.

As of September 17, 2006, Unter Null has discontinued the aesthetically (un)appealing use of stage blood both on stage and in imagery.

See, this is a very serious announcement!

For those who have attended the shows since September 17, you probably have noticed a change.

Unter Null has been a growing and maturing project over the past several years, testing new boundaries and territories and performance standards.

The blood thing is overdone. No, seriously. Every industrial/EBM/"hellllll-eckkktrooo" band these days is a) sounding the fucking same, b) putting on the same shows, and C!) USING STAGE BLOOD! WHAT GIVES? It's bad enough that everyone's all using the SE-50, patch #112, settings -1/+1, -2/+2 (and if you indeed know what I'm talking about then I've made my point) I've been no longer in the minority, and it's really messy on stage and to clean up afterwards as well. And try getting that shit in your eyes, it burns. Also try getting it out of white clothing. It doesn't. Also, add the costs of gallons of that stuff over the years and it's not cheap. Ben Nye, thank you but I'm not longer financially supporting your business!

Here's my take on things.

While putting on a show is just as important as the music being good, it's fairly simple to play real shitty music and put on fantastic visuals. However, coming from a performance perspective, it can sometimes be difficult to throw energy both ways- that being the performance and the music. I'd rather be in street clothes on stage and give one raging hell of a passionate performance, than be covered in gooey sticky stage blood and having to stop and get that shit out of my eyes.

No dismissal to the bands that currently use this or other means of "SHOCK" on stage, but it's just not the direction I'm taking with Unter Null these days.

Evolution is an important part of being a musician and a performer, and for myself at least, I can't remain stagnant, it would totally bore me to tears.
While this has indeed one progressive change, expect a lot more in the upcoming year..things are going to get interesting. At least to me, and honestly that's really all I care about since I write music for myself and my own inner demons in the first place- but it's really really cool and flattering if you like my music too!
There is seriously NOTHING BETTER than getting on stage in front of a packed venue cheering madly... it's fucking fantastic and nothing can beat that rush.

Anyway that's the announcement.

If you're disappointed, well, sorry, but the music's always been the most important thing anyway, and always will be.
If you find yourself craving a healthy dose of blood and gore, there's always GWAR.



Ženo, šta ćemo sada ? xD Ma xD luđakinja u onom najpozitivnijoj smislu riječi.
"Stvarnost je halucinacija. Istina je halucinacija. Smisao je halucinogena tvar koja ispunjava divnu pustinju lažnim prikazama."

Jean Baudrilliard
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Aeoliah Centaurus
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Postby Griffis » Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:32

Dakle Erica je odlučila radit DOBRU glazbu sad kad je postala majka i mozak joj se preokrenuo.
Baš me zanima kako će to izgledati bez krvi i pila, s obzirom na tri hita koje ima...
viva la revolucion =D
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Postby Stark » Sat Jan 24, 2009 20:05

Zakon mi je žena, navukao sam se nakon odslušanog The Failure Epiphany albuma.

Ovo mi je idealna mjuza za jebačinu...pardon, vođenje ljubavi :D
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Postby Instinct » Sun Jan 25, 2009 17:31

jebote - na ovo se napalis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPj6MrP5 ... re=related :D uf! Strava mjuza - upravo skidam - ako je sve ovako mrcomocno onda tko sretniji od mene :)
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Postby Gelato » Mon Jan 26, 2009 13:25

Jooj to je ona ženska. Neki harsh, ovak nekaj.. Ne sjećam se više kak zvuči.
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