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Postby SpectralRipper » Fri Sep 16, 2005 23:00

napokon je izašo "final Confession" CD, ima stvari sa : Dedicated To Ed Kemper" 7'' , "Abominations" 7'' , Random Acts Of Cruelty , 120 Days of Sodom , Back On The Prowl CDr , Gutters Of NYC CDr , Pornography Hurts Cdr i, jednu stvar sa deathpile/Whorebutcher splita, i jedan rehearsal track ...disk je izašo za pain compliance rec, kuću od J. Engman-a ( ex Foetopsy/ Brodequin)...
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Postby Averoigne » Mon Feb 06, 2006 5:38

DEATHPILE 1995-2004 R.I.P. : Why end it now? Essentially I'm ready to do other things musically and I don't want to ruin the sound that DEATHPILE has developed over the years. In a nutshell, I'd like to end this project on a high note and then move on to doing strictly ANGEL OF DECAY. AOD will still be within the "style" of heavy electronics but won't adhere strictly to any one sub-category like power electronics (although I will most likely do a song/release in that vein from time to time).

- - Jonathan Canady 2.20.04

btw jel slusao tko Dead World? takodjer jedan od mnogobrojnih projekata J. Canadyja

eh da zaboravih reci, jebes whitehouse i a. morgue DeathPile su bucniji :D
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