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Postby Slovencek » Wed Aug 08, 2007 15:05

Nisam bas neki fan al sam dobio ovaj zadnji album, Supervillian Outcast i moram rec, da mi se ful svidja ta njegova kaoticnost :)

Imaju ludilo riffove i samplove, a i vokal odlicno pase, kao sto netko napise, malo je punkish.

Meni je album super, bas nije dosadan a nije mi ni previse naporan, tak da, sto se mene tice, to je i preporuka sa moje strane :)
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Postby Dream_Evil » Wed Aug 08, 2007 16:06

evo jedan smijesan interview sa Yusafom kaj sam ga dobio na mail... cini mi se da kenjka na veliko hehe... b :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
ovo je samo smijesni uvod u jako dugacki interview:

After touring in relation to 666 International, I went to Spain
to either finish writing the new album or drink my self to death. I went far
south and rented myself a little house. As I was sitting outside my door,
drinking bottles of wine with braids in my hair, the Spanish kids ran by me
pointing and laughing. This appealed to my sense of cosiness, so I put
myself to the abuse everyday. I also tracked down a place the locals
referred to as a really bad neighbourhood. So every night around eleven or
twelve, I filled up my pockets with all the money I had and ventured up and
down the neighbourhood. It soon became clear to me that these criminals and
robbers thought I was CRAZY, and therefore did not touch me. Other nights I
ventured down to bars where the macho men and the bimbo women were courting
each others and I pretended to be homosexual, grabbing the guys’ asses, and
asked if they wanted to spend some time with me. This did not really sit
well with the guests. Funny enough, I was never asked to leave and I never
got kicked in the ass, they probably thought I would like it. One day, I was
standing in the shower and brushing my teeth, and I could feel the teeth
bending backward. I stopped brushing and tried yanking my teeth with my
fingers. It turned out every single one of them was barely sticking in my
gums. It was time to go home.
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Postby woland » Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:18

Haha, vikotnik je totalno spaljen.. Supervillain Outcast je prejeben album....
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Postby ABIZMO » Mon Feb 20, 2012 21:07

This new & very special edition of ‘Supervillain Outcast’ contains a full extra disc with 7 tracks of exclusive & previously unheard studio tracks & instrumental songs which were captured with top sound quality at a rehearsal in 2002, deep into the writing process for ’Supervillain Outcast’.

1. Dushman
2. Vendetta Assassin
3. The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of
4. Horrorizon
5. Foe X Foe
6. Secret Identity
7. The Vile Deliquents
8. Unaltered Beast
9. Apocalypticism
10. Chrome Balaclava
11. Ghostface Soul Constrictor
12. All Is Not Self
13. Supervillian Serum
14. Cellar Door
15. 21st Century Devil

1. Black Hole Architect
2. Senseoffender / Responsophobic
3. Personality Transplant
4. Teenanger
5. Deception Enemy
6. Slave 66
7. Satanatomic Evolution
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Postby Bombenhagel » Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:30

Novi album 'A Umbra Omega' je procuril. Ja sam jednostavno oduševljen! Bokte jebo koliko poremećenih dijelova ima, zasada album godine. Dakle avatgarde black na najvišoj razini :thumbsup:
A ovo je sada za sve koji su dobili sjekirom po glavi:


-I-Budi moja voda ja sam voda radi sve sto zelis izgorjet cu ja-I-
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