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Postby Liburnian » Wed Mar 30, 2011 20:08

nema zamke, zašto bi bila. Jako sam zadovoljan ovom prvom knjigom i svi koji su je imali priliku probno pročitati. Doduše i nkon lekture našlo se par typefelera, ali malo i to je to. Na 300 stranica ima stvarno izvrsnih priča.

Postby Liburnian » Wed Mar 30, 2011 20:26

Evo staviti ću englesku verziju zadnjih 4 stranice od knjige. Te 4 stranice obuhvaćaju zadnje riječi intervjua s Neal Kayom (čovjekom koji je praktički 'stvorio' Maidene) i moj zaključak nakon svega, glede njegovog dugog intervjua na preko 55 stranica. Ovaj dio je ponuđen i kao prevju ostalim fanovima na IMOC.

The Final Frontier isn’t one of my favorite Maiden albums, I’m not much of a fan of comic books and cartoons, so I don’t like the album cover, but it’s not that important anyway. The music is really good, but doesn’t create the same kind of spark in me that Maiden’s early albums did. But that’s just my opinion. Maiden probably create the kind of music a band of their experience and stature would be required to. “Coming Home” is a very strong and emotional song which speaks about the band’s return to their homes. They have always been a storyteller band in their songs. And we all loved to listen to them and live with them. When I look back at the Soundhouse days, Maiden are exactly what I envisioned back then and wanted them to become. They’re a huge international act who earned it all through hard work, represented England with pride and showed the whole world what true rock and roll really should be. They’ve opened some chapters and markets which no other bands have opened before. That was very brave. It’s what’s made their career last longer, which is very important.

The last interesting experience I had with Steve took place in Portugal, in Eddie’s Bar. As I’ve already mentioned, both of us have houses in Portugal, so it happened sometimes that we would run into each other in his bar. So, the two of us were sitting there, talking and having a beer. There was a group of young musicians and they were thrilled to see the two of us in the same place in public, which was a pretty rare occurrence. And so, we had a few beers with them, why not. It turned out that one of them remembered my work and everything I’ve been through. About two years ago, he called me – he is the bass player for Stormzone, an excellent band – and asked me if I would like to produce their first album and work on it with them. I must admit that it took me a while to decide to do it. First of all, it was a digital studio, and I’ve never worked in one before. Second, I used to record live performances, not bands in studios. His name was Graham McNulty and he talked me into doing it. Two years ago I went to Northern Ireland and co-produced their album. In a bizarre coincidence, without me even contacting him, Bruce Dickinson played a few songs off the album in his radio show and said it was the best voice he had ever heard before. The singer really was like Bruce, he had a similar voice, in a certain way. After everything, I really would be surprised if they ever played together with Maiden. They signed a deal with SPV Germany and they’re playing at the famous Wacken festival this year. If you’re looking for a record label, I recommend SPV because they really give their best for every artist.

When I look back, I can tell you that I've never, ever, had even the slightest argument with Steve, no misunderstanding, not even a single one. We made one thing clear at the very beginning; Steve was the boss and the one who was in charge. I was there to help him out and give him advice, but not to give him orders. Trust me, there is no person in the world who can order Steve to do something, it just isn't possible. He isn't the type of person who would just follow orders. He is a par excellence musician. When I think about it, I've never had any disagreements with any member of Maiden, apart from Paul, but he’s long gone.

Let me finish this long story of Steve. In the annals of modern history, Steve Harris should be regarded as one of the greatest people in Great Britain. He has dedicated his entire career to representing his country all around the world in the best patriotic manner. He has been an ambassador of his country over thirty years. Together with his brothers from the band, he has fearlessly gone where others were scared of even thinking of going, flying our flag, the Union Jack, at some of the most inhospitable places and environments of the world, bringing his music to new and untested markets. He has never betrayed his band, his fans, his co-workers or his friends. He has remained, together with his “brothers in arms”, supporting the music, the soul and the spirit of British rock and roll all over the world, at the highest level and over thirty amazing years. He is truly England’s greatest son and a senior statesman of heavy metal. I feel that, had they lived during the war, Steve Harris and the people from Iron Maiden would have seen us through to certain victory, no matter how unlikely it would have seemed and however long it might have lasted. And they would have never abandoned us. The older I get, the better I can understand the way in which music and musicians work. I can tell you that he is a prime example of an incredibly precise musician, who has found his unique style in which he united his talent, speed, melody, understanding, emotions and performance. He has demonstrated a true capability and devotion, and is critical of even the last note. He has adopted audio and visual recording standards for his band and has shown a great passion and understanding of various technical processes which govern today’s recording industry. He is a complete professional in every possible sense, but he’s also a firmly grounded man who’s got an excellent relationship with his friends and his fans. Because all of this, Steve Harris and every other member of Iron Maiden should be rewarded by being included in a yearly honors list, compiled by the British government, and receiving their reward in the Buckingham palace from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. To restate, I am extremely proud and honored of having met Steve, although my share in the entire history of his career now seems small and distant. The short time we shared together will live forever in my memory.

As a farewell note, there is an old battle cry that goes like this: “No prisoners. No mercy. Onwards to total victory, men, and don't spare the horses!” Heroes don't come any bigger or more modest than Steve Harris.

(As the book’s author, after such a long interview with Mr. Kay I feel obligated to explain why, apart from the stories connected directly to Steve Harris, I have decided to include his life story and the fates of the bands he dealt with, both before and after Iron Maiden. Would any of this have happened had he remained working in commercial discotheques or if he hadn’t gotten a temporary job as a furniture delivery truck driver? Would any of it have happened if the judge who passed the ruling in the case of the Bandwagon didn’t have the understanding he showed towards rock and roll? What would Iron Maiden’s demo tape have been like if Steve Harris hadn’t heard V1’s demo? What would have happened if Rod Smallwood or EMI came a few weeks later and lost Maiden to American management agencies? Would the band be much bigger in the world today, seeing how it was Peter Mensch and Cliff Burnstein who helped make AC/DC and Metallica the music giants they are today? What if Neal Kay, by some random chance, hadn’t been present in Sheffield in 1980 at the Judas Priest / Iron Maiden show? Would it spell the doom for the entire British tour and an early head start for Maiden? Would they have gotten a second chance to go to the United States at that point in their career?

This story hasn’t spoken just about that. It has spoken volumes about how there wasn’t just one, or just a few factors involved in achieving Maiden’s level of success. After helping Maiden, Neal Kay was in a much better position to help push other bands. He enjoyed the confidence of record labels, promoters, the media and the fans, which wasn’t the case earlier on. However, despite all of this, did Praying Mantis become a world famous act? No, they didn’t. How about Venture, or Flight 19, or Riot? No, neither did they, nor did the many others who wanted to use Kay’s huge experience and influence to become an international success. In Maiden’s case, it was a unity of incredible circumstances and the fates of a great number of individuals who were there at the right place and the right time. Neal Kay, Alistair Primrose, Keith Wilfort, Derek Riggs, Rod Smallwood, Ross Halfin, Dave Lights, Ashley Goodall, Lorraine Harris, Doug Hall, Martin Birch, Andy Taylor, many others involved with the band, every Maiden member and, finally, Steve Harris himself, they were all more or less crucial components in making it all happen. To create a band of Maiden’s magnitude and longevity wasn’t a matter of connections or a matter of finances or something that should be credited to the music industry machine. Without the real people, the real songs, the attitude, the passion, and without the real fans who aren’t mere pawns of the show business industry, there is no money and no connections that can create a new Iron Maiden, or new versions of rock legends such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Black Sabbath or Deep Purple. Had that been the case, more bands of such proportions would have emerged in Great Britain after 1980, which obviously didn’t happen.

Maybe it is, as Neal Kay phrased it, a part of a bigger picture, of a force that prevents us from missing the great things we were meant to participate in. You, the reader, obviously didn’t miss your mission, because you’ve helped make Iron Maiden what they are today, just like millions of other people around the globe. That’s what this long interview was all about.)

Postby phoeňix » Wed Mar 30, 2011 22:34

MaCro Management wrote:Danas je započeo projekt pisanja prve knjige ikad napisane o fanovima nekog benda. Ova knjiga će biti knjiga o zajednici fanova grupe Iron Maiden i uključivati će priče, doživljaje, anegdote, dojmove, slike, kolekcije, mišljenja, stavove i sl više od 100 fanocva iz više do 100 zemalja sa svih strana svijeta.

Predviđen dovršetak i izdavanje knjige biti će ljeto 2012. Naziv knjige je: '...No matter how far'.

Pohvale za knjige. Creativity is the way to go!

Ako ti bude moglo koristiti, dam ti svoju fotografiju za fenovsku knjigu, pogle tu: ... 65#1908865
Originalnu sliku, hires, hq, ne ovu igru sa simetrijom.

Na fotki je mali Maya indijanac u jebitačno zabačenom mjestu na koje se ne može doći kopnom, makar je mjesto na kopnu. ;)
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Postby Liburnian » Wed Mar 30, 2011 22:43

Zanimljiva slika, popričat' ćemo. Jesi to ti slikao i u kojoj JA zemlji je to i di?

Postby phoeňix » Wed Mar 30, 2011 22:54

Yep, moja.
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Postby Liburnian » Sat Apr 02, 2011 20:16

Knjige su počele stizat diljem Europe kupcima. Ostali kontinenti će za otprilike tjedan poslije. Evog prvog rervjua iz Danske:

Book arrived today, got right on it and have been reading all day now, are now on page 200 and will read it all before i go to sleep.

So far the book is awesome and I like that it's diffrent from all the other books we seen with Maiden. Here we get the stories from the fans and people that we have not heard from before and its freaking awesome.

Also I would like to say thanks to Stjepan for the great and big work he has done to make this book. Super job mate. I will tell more about it when I have read it all, but for now this is a super book for those fans that want to get under the skin of Mr Harris.

Postby Picajzla » Sun Apr 03, 2011 22:39

ti jebeni danci baš neznaju engleski


Mršave gotičarke

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Postby Liburnian » Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:55


Knjiga će biti na našem tržištu dostupna od 02.05. Tvrdi uvez će biti napravljen samo u 55 komada, a cijena će biti jako snižena za istu ediciju za one najbrže.

Dakle, tvrdi uvez, plus bonus CD = 170KN!

Meki uvez će biti dostupan nakon rasprodaje tvrdog uveza po cijeni od 150kn. Za sve one koji d0 25.04. na mail prednaruče tvrdi uvez, sa bonus CD-om, dobiti će unikatnu knjigu na kojoj će biti tiskano ime naručitelja s natpisom: Ovo je unikatna i specijalna kopija knjige, napravljena speciijalno za 'toga i toga'

Ako nakon termina prednarudžbe ostane još koja od knjiga, moći će se kupiti ili naručiti u poznatoj zagrebačkoj glazbenoj knjižari Rockmark.

Postby Liburnian » Fri Apr 15, 2011 20:19 ... 921wt_1183

Evo ako nekog zanima link na aukciju. Licitira se 666 primjerak knjige + potpisana fotografija Clive Burra. Sav prihod ide u Clive Aid fondaciju. Aukcija je tek započela i dostignuta je cijena od 150 Dolara, što je jako lijepa brojka za sam početak. Nadamo se da ćemo za Clivea skupiti jako puno.

Postby Silent Violence » Fri Apr 15, 2011 20:51

MaCro Management wrote:

Evo ako nekog zanima link na aukciju. Licitira se 666 primjerak knjige + potpisana fotografija Clive Burra. Sav prihod ide u Clive Aid fondaciju. Aukcija je tek započela i dostignuta je cijena od 150 Dolara, što je jako lijepa brojka za sam početak. Nadamo se da ćemo za Clivea skupiti jako puno.

dam dva feninga i do kurca...
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Postby Zbane » Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:18

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Postby Pakaa » Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:49

The return is not accepted because that is the book!!!!! ?? :lol:

Inače, 150 dolara za potpisanu knjigu? Pa ko je tu lud bokte? :lol:
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Postby Liburnian » Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:21

Ne, 150 dolara za knjgu s rednim brojem 666 + potpisana slika Clive Burra. Sav novac ide u fondaciju Clive Aid. Zašto bi netko bio lud, ako želi pomoćći oboljelima od multipleskleroze na taj način. Vjerujem da će knjiga na kraju aukcije doseći cijenu i do 1000 Dolara.

Postby ABIZMO » Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:23

aaahaahaaaa..knjiga je 666-ta!!! onda svakako!!!!
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Postby Silent Violence » Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:42

MaCro Management wrote:Ne, 150 dolara za knjgu s rednim brojem 666 + potpisana slika Clive Burra. Sav novac ide u fondaciju Clive Aid. Zašto bi netko bio lud, ako želi pomoćći oboljelima od multipleskleroze na taj način. Vjerujem da će knjiga na kraju aukcije doseći cijenu i do 1000 Dolara.

ja evo bas cekam da dode do 1000 pa da ponudim dolar vise.
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